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Black Forest Home Security Systems, the only company that gives you everyting you pay for: quality, craftsmanship and personal service. We know how to do it right and we care about doing it right!
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The Personal Touch
When customers talk about why they like to do business with Black Forest Home Security Systems in Colorado Springs, Colorado, they state the fact that Dave Easley does all the work himself. That's the way Dave has done it since 1977 and that is something no other company can offer your family or business.

There is only one person who is ever in your home. Only one person knows what you have that you wish to protect. When your system finally needs service, the same person comes out to work on it.

Your home is not invaded by salesmen, installation supervisors, installers, service supervisors and a different service person each time you call. A parade of people who all know what you have in your home, who all know how your system works and who may quit or be fired at any time.

With Black Forest Home Security Systems you always deal directly with the owner, Dave EasleyThen they are out there, unemployed and know everything about your home and the security system that protects it. Think about that!

Who would you rather have doing security system work in your Colorado Springs, Colorado home, an employee or the company owner, who is a lifelong security professional? At Black Forest Home Security Systems you always deal directly with the owner, Dave Easley. We want to earn your trust and earn your business. A cheap installation is its own punishment, with false alarms day and night. Let Dave do it right the first time.


What's The Difference
Is there a difference between a music company, satellite company or a central vacuum company branching into installing security systems and Black Forest Home Security Systems in Colorado Springs, Colorado branching into installing satellites, central vacuums and music systems? YES! Your life depends on that difference!

As a lifelong security professional and instructor, Dave Easley has focused on attention to detail. People's lives depend on the quality of security installations, the quality of each connection and the quality of each component. Everything Dave does or doesn't do can make the difference between false alarms and no false alarms, between detecting a burglar and missing a burglar, between keeping a customer safe and having a customer injured, raped or murdered.

Dave has made security the main focus in his life. He has a mind set toward and a history of attention to detail--doing it right the first time--thinking about what could go wrong and preventing it before it can happen.

As an instructor, Dave stresses to the students that wiring in a security system MUST be properly supervised to maintain the integrity of the security system. The security system must be installed in such a way that it can protect itself--can monitor its own circuits--so a fault in the wiring will cause the user to be notified of a breach in the integrity of their system.

If you make a poor connection on a music system or a misplaced staple eventually shorts the wires, the music stops. The same mistake on a security system could

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cost you or your loved one their life!

The vast majority of the security systems installed by other companies are not properly supervised. A short in the wiring will not be detected and you have no security. The installers either don't know or don't care what they are doing. Either way, you don't want them in your home. We have pictures on another page to educate you. Click Pictures at the top of the page.

Buy your security from a lifelong security professional. Don't get suckered by someone giving you a "good deal" or a "package price" on a security system. A security system is a lot like a parachute, when you need it, your life depends on it. It absolutely MUST work the first time.

If you KNEW your life and the lives of your

family would depend on a security system, which one would you buy, a security system installed by: a music man; a satellite dealer; a central vacuum company; a free system; a $99 system; an electronics package with a security system thrown in too; or a system from a lifelong security professional?

Since Dave already has a mind set of attention to detail and doing it right the first time, it is very easy to carry that mind set into central vacuum, satellite or anything else and do them all exceptionally well.

The circuits in a music or satellite system get tested every time you turn them on. A security system hardly ever gets tested, but it absolutely must work when needed. Let Dave do it right the first time!


Test & Retest
When wire is installed in a new home under construction, there is always a possibility the wire can be accidentally damaged by insulators' staples, drywallers or other tradesmen while the home is being finished. The result would be that your security system, central vacuum, satellite or music system would not work properly or at all. Dave does not want this to happen to you.

We know of no other company that takes the care we do to assure your systems work properly when you move in. After Dave has finished running the wires for your systems, he checks each conductor in each cable to make sure it is not shorted to any other conductor in that cable by a misplaced staple or defect. Then he goes to the other end of each cable and

After prewiring a home under construction, Dave checks each conductor in every cable for shorts and opens, then records resistance readings for each pair. In the Winter construction sites can be cold.connects each pair together, then measures the resistance of each pair to make sure none of the conductors are open or cut. Dave records the resistance measurement of each pair for reference later. Depending on how many cables have been run, this process may take an entire day to complete.

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Just one Category 5 phone cable with 8 conductors requires 32 separate measurements.

When the drywallers are close to being finished, Dave comes back to recheck the resistance on each pair and compare the readings to the original record. If the second set of resistance readings matches the originals, we know that none of the wires have been cut and none have been shorted. If there is a problem with the wires they can be repaired before the walls are painted or wallpapered. This superior type of quality control is far too time consuming for other companies. Their installers probably don't even own expensive test meters, much less know how to use them. It is much easier to tell the customer "The wires are bad, but it's not our fault. Someone else damaged them and you will have to pay us to fix them".

When the drywall is almost complete, Dave returns and checks the wires again. If any have been damaged they can be repaired before the walls are painted and wallpapered. Often the heat is on by this time.
Dave's thoroughness and attention to detail don't guarantee that absolutely nothing can happen; however, since 1977 he has found and repaired a few damaged wires during the second test and has never had to tell a customer that their system wouldn't work due to a damaged wire.


A Brief History
In 1977 when Dave started Black Forest Home Security Systems, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, most alarm companies were small family businesses owned by local families. They depended on local homeowners and businesses for their livelihood and they spent their money in the community they served. How things have changed!

Today most alarm companies are franchises or affiliates of large national companies like Security Link, ADT, Brinks, First Alert, Honeywell, Westec and others. Their main concern is getting big. Often, in the rush to mass market, quality takes a back seat to quantity. Many installers are paid by the job to encourage them to work quickly. The question is not, "How good a job can you do?" rather it is, "How many systems can you install in a single day?"

The rush to finish and get to the next job does not promote thoroughness and attention to detail but rather the opposite. The "make it cheap, sell it cheaper" approach works very well for the national companies and their affiliates because most people buy on price and are attracted to the low price bait.

For the rest of you, the seekers of quality adrift on the stormy sea of mediocrity, Black Forest Home Security Systems is an island of hope. A unique company that still provides personal service, experience, quality and pride in craftsmanship.

The very first system we installed was still working fine 20 years later when the customer got two cats and wanted to upgrade to pet immune motion sensors. He remained my customer for another10 years until he passed away in 2007.


What Our Clients Say

I have had your systems for over 35 years and I must say the service has been excellent, just excellent. T.M.

I have been a very satisfied customer, having enjoyed the installatin and service in my home starting in 1982. Also, in 2001 I experienced the same in my new home and continue to be happy with them. I could not be more satisfied. W.A.