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Whole House Music O Home Theater
What Our Clients Say
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Whole House Music
My clients in the Coloraado Springs, Colorado area tell me the system they enjoy the most is the Whole House Music. It seems to be the system they use most often and the one that gives them the most enjoyment on a daily basis.

This is easy to understand. Since music brings us joy, it can add a bit of joy to otherwise mundane tasks. Having the ability to play your favorite music in the background as you go about your daily routine allows part of your mind to wander through pleasant memories while the rest of you accomplishes what needs to be done.

What better way to wash away the stress of the day than by spending time with your favorite music. It gives you something to look forward to each day. A brief respite from your daily troubles. A mini-vacation

for your mind that takes you away from the present, if only briefly, relaxing the body and refreshing the soul.

What A Difference In Sound And Looks!
Our music systems sound far superior to any we have heard from our competitors. This is so because our music systems are a better design.

Most other companies cut big holes in your ceiling or near the top of the wall on one side of the room and install 5 or 6 inch speakers. There are several problems with this antiquated design.

First, those speakers don't have much bass. In order to accurately reproduce bass, speakers must be able to move a large amount of air. It takes large speakers to have good bass. Bass is what gives


music its fullness, rhythm and tempo. Without bass, music sounds tinny and causes listening fatigue.

Second, ceiling speakers project their sound into the floor not the room. If you stand directly under a ceiling speaker, you will hear the treble well. Step to the side a few feet and treble instruments like cymbals, triangles, tambourines, snare drums, etc. will almost disappear.

Wall speakers project into the room but not uniformly. When you are standing next to one of the speakers, the music is too loud while on the other side of the room it is not loud enough. The room has hot spots and dead spots.

Third, from an aesthetic standpoint, the speakers are ugly, break up the smooth lines of your ceiling or wall and limit where you can place pictures, mirrors and wall hangings. We have a better sounding and more attractive solution. Your lovely home will have exceptional sound and people will ask, "Where did you hide the speakers?"

Unbelievable Sound, Unseen Speakers
Our system consists of three speakers in each room instead of just two. Two small speakers, the size of standard electrical outlets, are placed on opposite sides of the room at the same height as the electrical outlets, blending into the room. The third speaker, a 10" woofer, is disguised either as an air return in the wall or a heat register in the floor. It disappears into the room as well.

The decor of the room is undisturbed. There are no big, ugly speakers drawing your eyes to the ceiling or the wall. You can hang pictures wherever you wish. The unique speaker design and placement causes the sound to fill the room completely and uniformly. You are enveloped in beautiful music with no hotspots or dead spots. The 10" woofer provides wonderful bass that will move you to tap your feet, sway side to side or even to dance. There is simply no comparison to other systems. That's what our clients have come to expect from our designs; a cut above all others.


What Our Clients Say
This is a transcript of a message that was left on my answering machine.

"Hello Dave, this is W. K. I'm home in Monument this weekend. I have listened to the outside music that you installed and I've watched the TV that you installed. I just wanted to let you know how incredibly satisfied I am with what you did. We have magnificent music wherever we want it. We have an outstanding TV picture. I never had any doubt that you would do it right and you did. It couldn't be any better. The

TV couldn't be any better. The outside music couldn't be any better. If I ever have any need for anything else electronic, I know whom to contact again. I want to thank you for having done an absolutely outstanding job. Thank you very much."

S.S. says: Dave, after you installed our whole house music system, we had my sister and her husband up for dinner. My syster called me the next day and told me that after dinner, on the drive home, all her husband could talk about was how good that music system sounded!

Music: Triumph