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Black Forest Home Security Systems, the only company that gives you everyting you pay for: quality, craftsmanship and personal service. We know how to do it right and we care about doing it right!
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The Company
Black Forest Home Security Systems was founded in 1977 by Dave Easley. We are proud of our professionalism and are members of:

  • National Burglar & Fire Alarm Assn.(now the Electronic Security Assn.)
  • Colorado Burglar & Fire Alarm Assn.
  • National Fire Protection Assn.
  • Vacuum Dealers Trade Assn.
  • CEDIA Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association.
We are the oldest locally owned alarm company in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area. No other company, local or national, can match our quality, craftsmanship and personal service. We saw well over 100 alarm companies go out of business locally, from 1977 to 1992. A satisfied customer is the foundation of our family business. In fact, our very first customer remained with us until he passed away in 2007. We will always deal fairly with our customers. Our policy is, "If it's not right, we'll make it right". Black Forest Home Security Systems is a company you can trust!       

Dave Easley
Dave Easley has a background in law enforcement and electronics as well as over 40 years' experience installing systems in homes and small businesses. His qualifications include:

  • Nationally Certified Alarm Technician Level One
  • Nationally Certified Alarm Technician Level Two
  • Nationally Certified Central Vacuum Installer
  • Past Southern Region Vice President of the Colorado Burglar & Fire Alarm Assn.
  • Past member of the False Alarm Control Team at the Colorado Springs Police Department
  • Level One and Level Two Instructor for the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association's National Training School.

Dave has helped to train many of the Alarm installers in the Rocky Mountain region.

The Easley family name stands behind everything we do. We will not be the low bidder, but you know the job will be done right and you know who will be in your home.

Dave designs your system, installs it and services it. If the job is not done right, Dave has to come back and fix it. This has been a very effective quality control program from the beginning.

Dave brings a vacuum cleaner and drop cloths to your home or business. No job is finished until any mess is cleaned up.

Dave is constantly studying and talking with other professionals to learn more and find ways to improve. Professionalism is not a destination but rather a journey.


Business Philosophies
Our philosophy on selling can be summed up in three statements:

  1. Educated and informed customers will usually make the best choice.
  2. We firmly believe that we are, by far, the best choice.
  3. Therefore, the best method of selling is simply to educate and inform our customers.

Dave is not a salesman. He is a craftsman, an installer and a technician. Tell him what you want and ask questions. He will give you options and tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each. He will make recommendations then let you decide.

Our way of doing business is not for everyone. The modern business practice of lowering service and quality to offer a lower price, then marketing low price as a benefit, has trained many consumers to shop for low price alone. Craftsmanship, quality and personal service always cost more up front, but pay you back in the long run with superior performance, ease of use, reliability and long life with minimal maintenance.

We are, and always will be, a small, family company. We cannot serve a large number of customers. We are looking for that small, select group of intelligent consumers who place a high value on quality and personal service. These people become our valued clients.


Our Web site
This web site is to educate and inform our customers. It is designed to be a research tool to learn about the systems we install.

We have lots of information available for you, from basic to highly technical. After studying the information given here you will know more than many salesmen. It would be almost impossible to put over 40 years' experience into writing, so we try to hit the high points. We can give you much more information in person.

Seeing is believing, and a great teaching tool. We have pictures of some of the mistakes we have seen in installations. Consumers will have a much better idea of what questions to ask and what to watch

for if they are aware of the shortcuts and mistakes that are being made. To protect the guilty, no company names are mentioned.

If our company and products couldn't stand in the face of competition, we wouldn't have been here since 1977. We have links to every central vacuum manufacturer we know about; both satellite providers; sites related to security; and may other useful sites as well as links to our local competitors’ sites.

You may get a chuckle if you can recognize the songs and how they relate to some of the pages.

Learn and enjoy!

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