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Black Forest Home Security Systems, the only company that gives you everyting you pay for: quality, craftsmanship and personal service. We know how to do it right and we care about doing it right!
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Why Buy From Us?
Black Forest Home Security Systems is the only company where you always deal with the owner. Dave does all the installations himself so you know exactly who you will be dealing with and who will be in your home. We use only the highest grade satellite cable and the best, waterproof connectors. Dave put a pair of connectors together and placed them in the bottom of a bucket of salt water in April 2000. They haven't leaked yet. We properly ground your system to the National Electrical Code standards. Competitors' customers call us and have a system 2 or 3 years old that has quit working. Often we find poor quality wire, improper grounds and other dangerous shortcuts. An improperly installed system can be damaged by static, power fluctuations, or lightning
Attention to detail makes the difference in a system that only lasts

Dave takes great pride in the quality of his satellite system work. You always deal directly with the owner. until the warranty runs out and one that gives years of satisfaction. A cheap installation is its own punishment! Let Dave do it right the first time!
We can run high speed, solid copper coax for satellite, HDTV and other applications. Call us if you need wire run inside walls or a neat and clean installation rather than other satellite installers "standard installation".

Black Forest Home Security Systems is no longer an authorized retailer of DISH Network or DirecTV satellite systems. However, as a forner Dishnetwork Dealer, we are familiar with the wiring and techniques required for satellite and HDTV systems.

In most areas you can receive the local Colorado Springs, Colorado TV stations with an off-air antenna. We can install large roof mounted HDTV antennas and tripods with rotators and preamplifiers to pick up both Denver and Springs stations for those who want to get Denver sports and weather.

The type and size of antenna and optional equipment you need depends on many factors. An on site analysis is best. Keep in mind that there are some areas where even the best antennas may not produce an acceptable picture. One size does not fit all. There is a huge difference between the professional antennas we buy and the do it yourself antennas sold at consumer electronics stores. Professional antennas have thicker walls on the boom and elements so they are not as easily damaged by wind, hail, ice buildup and

birds. Professional antennas have a higher gain. They will pull in stations that a d-i-y antenna will not and will give a superior picture. Channel Master and Winegard both make excellent antennas; they also make consumer grade antennas to sell in discount stores. We are happy to sell to do it yourselfers but we only sell professional grade products. And, they come with free, helpful advice. We like do it yourselfers.

True HDTV and digital broadcasts from the local stations will only be available with an antenna. Most of the transmissions will be in the UHF frequencies (channel 14 and up) but some will be in the upper VHF(channels 7 to 13. Make sure your antenna can receive both UHF (ultra high frequency) and VHF (very high frequency).Satellite and Cable TVsignals are compressed, therefore, not true High Definition Television


Local TV
All of the Colorado Springs, Colorado networks are available with an antenna. Best of all, you can receive them free with an antenna.

FCC rules will not allow you to elect to receive Denver local channels on a satellite receiver if you are in the Colorado Springs area.

Keep in mind that the local TV stations have spent lots of money to build and maintain studios, transmitting stations and towers to bring you the network programming and local news and weather.

They offset their costs by selling advertising to local businesses who want to tell the local people (you) about their goods and services. The only way you will continue to get local news and local weather is if the local station can stay in business by having local people watching the local advertising. This is why the FCC will not allow you to subscribe to Denver networks if you live in the Springs area.

If you have a High Definition (HDTV) set you can enjoy local channels in True High Definition with an antenna.


What Our Clients Say

This message was left on my answering machine.

Hi Dave, this is Anna M. You came out Saturday to install our high definition antenna and rotator. I just wanted to let you know that everything is working fine and we are getting even more channels than what you said we would. Thanks again for all your good work.

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