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Video Surveillance CCTV
Black Forest Home Security Systems, the only company that gives you everyting you pay for: quality, craftsmanship and personal service. We know how to do it right and we care about doing it right!
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The Many Advantages of Professional EX-SDI and HD-SDI 1080p over coax CCTV Systems.

If you are in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area and looking for Closed Circuit Television, CCTV, Security Cameras, Video Surveillance, or however you label it. Black Forest Home Security Systems has the right solution for your home or business. Our cameras can see in pitch-black darkness and provide High Definition 1080p pictures, day or night. Whether you need a new installation or are wanting to upgrade an existing system, we can provide a High Definition 1080p professional quality system that will be easy to use, reliable, will do what you want it to do and will be trouble free for many years.

Homeowners can have a visual record, admissible in court, of

everything that happens around their home. That could include mail and package delivery, trespassing, theft, vandalism, accidents, keeping an eye on children while they are outside or just watching wildlife around your home. If you work from home or store business related records or equipment at home, a CCTV system may be a tax deductible business expense.

Businesses can have evidence of shoplifting, employee theft, robberies, vandalism, slip and fall accidents, keeping track of employees while the owner is away and many other activities and events which can cost your company a lot of money. The cost of these events can be greatly reduced or eliminated by High Definition 1080p video recordings. In today’s business environment, CCTV systems are not an expense. It is a necessary investment in the profitability of your business.


1. HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface) over coaxial cable is a SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) standard and is the High Definition Standard used in the Broadcast and Television industry. It has to be a proven, reliable technology to be used in the Broadcast Industry. EX-SDI (Extended Serial Digital Interface) is an improvement on the HD-SDI standard that can transmit signals even farther over coax and is backward compatible with HD-SDI.

2. Send High Definition 1080p pictures 900 feet or farther over coax cable with NO loss of quality.

3. EX-SDI uses standard coax just like older analog systems but EX-SDI is All Digital, High Definition 1080p.

4. Upgrade your existing analog CCTV system to Digital High Definition 1080p WITHOUT having to rewire.

5. You DON’T have to replace everything at once. We have

EX-SDI DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) that will accept older, SD (standard definition) analog cameras as well as EX-SDI cameras. Use your existing analog cameras and upgrade to EX-SDI High Definition 1080p cameras as you want to or as the analog cameras fail.

6. Other “HD over coax” systems like AHD, CVI and TVI are analog, not digital, and are subject to interference, signal degradation over distance, loss of color and other defects and do not have the superior picture quality of EX-SDI All Digital systems. EX-SDI is Pure Digital, High Definition 1080p and provides the best picture quality. It is Broadcast TV quality and reliability. Because of the large market for EX-SDI in the broadcast video industry, there are many specialized accessories available for EX-SDI All Digital systems that are not available for the analog “HD over coax” systems.

Bear in mind, only SDI and IP cameras are digital. Everything else is only analog.


7. Our EX-SDI components are NOT made in China. The equipment is engineered and designed in the USA by a company with over 50 years of experience in the video industry. The individual components are made in Korea and Taiwan then assembled and fully tested in the USA prior to shipment. All equipment is commercial grade and is designed to work 24 hours a day continually, for years of reliable service.

8. Our Cameras, DVRs and Monitors have a three year manufacturer warranty with an advance replacement during the first year. During years two and three the equipment can be sent to the USA company for a free repair. If equipment fails after the warranty, in many cases, the equipment can be repaired for a nominal fee instead of needing to be replaced. Because they build the equipment in the USA, they can repair it in the USA. Most sellers of CCTV equipment can’t repair Chinese products.

9. Unlike IP (Internet Protocol) cameras, if you only want to view the cameras on site, at your location, you do NOT need to connect the CCTV system into your network. If you do want to view cameras off site, it is easy to simply plug the DVR into your network and set up remote viewing.

10. Unlike IP cameras, there is no drag on your network bandwidth. Your entire network does NOT have to be configured to work with the high bandwidth network demands of IP cameras.

11. Unlike IP cameras, if your network goes down, the DVR will continue to record everything because it is completely separate from and not dependent upon your network. All cameras are connected directly into the DVR. All video is sent directly to the DVR over coaxial cable. All recording is processed and stored in the DVR. Your network will ONLY be used while someone is viewing remotely off site.


12. Unlike IP cameras, there are no lost frames, jerky video or unrecorded events due to bandwidth or network issues. There is no latency (lag time or delay) when viewing live or recorded video. There are no lost or missing cameras due to IP address conflicts or network issues. There are no compatibility issues between network components such as IP cameras, NVR(Network Video Recorder), router, modem, switches, etc. Because EX-SDI is a broadcast standard, any EX-SDI equipment will work with any other EX-SDI equipment.

What's The Bottom Line for the EX-SDI CCTV Systems installed by Black Forest Home Security Systems?

They just work. They work reliably. They work for a long time. They are commercial grade not consumer grade.They are NOT made in China. They are engineered, assembled and tested in the USA. They have great technical support. They have firmware updates available when needed. They have a three year manufacturer warranty, even when used in demanding commercial/business environments. They can be repaired even after the warranty

expires, instead of needing to be replaced. They are completely free of the many problems of IP CCTV systems. Besides providing the best picture quality, they are by far the easiest to use, easiest to maintain, most reliable and, most importantly, the least expensive systems over the long-term for your home or business. That is why Black Forest Home Security Systems recommends EX-SDI CCTV systems for our clients in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area.

Don’t waste your time and money on consumer grade Chinese junk that will only last two or three years and will never work the way you hoped it would. When you focus on price, you will ultimately be disappointed. Low price simply indicates something has been left out. Usually what’s missing is quality, reliability, performance, manufacturer support and repair services. Spend enough for a professionally engineered, designed and installed system. A system that will be designed to do what you want and give you the picture quality you want. A system that will work reliably, 24 hours a day, for many years. A system that can be serviced and repaired when needed.


Black Forest Home Security Systems has been installing quality, reliable and easy to use systems in homes and businesses in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area since 1977. Our clients like the personal service and peace of mind knowing that all installation and service work is done exclusively by the owner, Dave Easley. You always deal directly with the owner. Our clients want us to do more and more work for them because they know we install high quality equipment,

install it correctly and service it properly when needed. We keep our clients by doing a good job for them. You can certainly get a cheaper installation but you can’t get a better installation.

A quality, reliable, easy to use system that does what you want and lasts a long time is a true bargain.

Call Black Forest Home Security Systems 719.495.2715 and let Dave do it right the first time.

Dave Easley, owner


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